Eagle and Empire book release month: May 2017 blogs and interviews

In which I provide a compendium of links to the guest blogs and interviews I did to promote the final book in the Clash of Eagles series, Eagle and Empire, released May 16th, 2017, including Scalzi’s “The Big Idea”, Kowal’s “My Favorite Bit”, and a ton of others. Frankly, I’m super-excited about the response to these books, and very happy to have been able to talk about it on so many great webby places.

5/15: On “Unbound Worlds”, I discuss why alternate history matters:


5/15: A very fun interview with the great Paul Semel:


5/16: Mary Robinette Kowal’s “My Favorite Bit”:


5/17: On Signature Reads: Why We Love the Romans, In All Their Complicated, Bloody Glory”:


5/18: John Scalzi’s “The Big Idea” on his blog, “Whatever”:

The Big Idea: Alan Smale

And you can find excerpts of Eagle and Empire in several places, including Paste Magazine, the Barnes & Noble site, and Unbound Worlds 50 Page Friday:




I’ll be adding to this blog as new interviews, guest blogs, and other fun things appear online — at the time of writing (5/19) at least as many more again are planned, so check back over the coming weeks!

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