Alan and The Chromatics at Philcon 2018

Philcon schedule, November 16-18, for me and the Chromatics!

For those of you new to the Chromatics, we’re a high energy vocal band — three women, three men — on a mission to delight audiences with a full spectrum of songs about science, technology, and their intersections. We recently released our 9th CD, this is our 25th year, and we’re the Special Musical Guests at Philcon this year. We have five performances, and I’ll also be doing some author panels and a reading. Come check us out!

Friday 9:00pm, Chromatics Concert #1   A mix of themes from (and songs about) TV and movies, technology, and all that. (Grand Ballroom A)

Sat 11:00am, Chromatics Concert #2   Astrocappella — a musical exploration of the universe. Multimedia performance! (Grand Ballroom A)

Sat 12:00pm, The Chromatics Signing   and talking and who knows, maybe even singing some more!   (Autograph Table)

Sat 1:00pm, Alan Panel: Recipes for Character Creation   with Vikki Ciaffone (M), Steven Brust, Philippa Ballantine, and Michael A Ventrella. (Crystal Ballroom Three)

Sat 3:00pm, Alan Reading   from his Clash of Eagles series. (Executive Suite 323)

Sat 4:00pm: Talk: Exoplanets and the TESS Mission, by Padi Boyd, including several live songs from the Chromatics, so let’s also call this Concert #3. (Crystal Ballroom Two)

Saturday Night: Chromatics Concert #4   as the Masquerade Half-Time Show.

Sun 11:00am: Final Chromatics Concert   Songwriter show — all originals with discussions of how/why we wrote them. (Grand Ballroom A)

Sun 1:00pm: Alan Panel: The Myth of the Mad Scientist    with Jim Stratton (M), John Ashmead, Aaron Feldman, and Anna Kashina (Plaza Two).

And find us all weekend long at our table in the Dealers Room!

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