Capclave 2018

In which I … present my Capclave schedule.

My first Capclave was in October 2009. My latest is this coming weekend, September 28-30, 2018. I’ve only missed one over the intervening years (2015, when it “clash”ed with New York Comic Con and I had to go Up North to promote CLASH with Del Rey).

Here’s my schedule for Capclave 2018:

Saturday 1:00pm: What Makes Alternate History So Compelling? – with Tom Doyle (M), J.L. Gribble, Bjorn Hasseler, and Jean Marie Ward.

Saturday 3:00pm: Alternate History and Historical Fantasy – I’m moderating, with Brenda Clough, Doc Coleman, Iver Cooper, and Tom Doyle.

Saturday 4:00pm: Author Table – come and chat!

Saturday 5:00pm: Reading.

Saturday 7:30pm: Mass Autographing, followed by the BSFS Small Press Award, and Partying. The big event!

Sunday 10:00am: Redemption Arcs – moderating, with Tom Doyle, Kelly Dwyer, Chuck Gannon, Will Mcintosh.

Sunday 2:00pm: My Characters Have a Life of Their Own – with Sarah Avery (M), Brenda Clough, Mark Laporta, Lawrence M. Schoen.

Sunday 4:00pm: Time Travel Storytelling – with Doc Coleman, Iver Cooper, and David Keener (M).

If you’re in the area, think of coming along. Capclave is a really nice local con… with big names (Nancy Kress, Alyssa Wong, James Morrow, Andy Duncan just a tiny fraction of the solid genre figures who’ll be there this year). See you there!

And yes, I only blog when I have a con coming up. Because I suck. (And have a day job. And other stuff.)




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