My schedule for Denver Comic Con 2018

In which I define my comings and goings and signings and panels for Denver Comic Con, June 15-17. Oh my!

Have I mentioned that I love Comic Cons? Have I?

And also, I love Denver. In fact I was there just last week, wearing my Other Hat, at the summer American Astronomical Society, so I already know the lay of the land and the good restaurants and I’m feeling super excited about the whole deal.

So, I guess you’re here to see my schedule. Here it is:

Friday, June 15

1:00PM-1:55PM: SIGNING
Location: Tattered Cover Signing Location B

2:00PM-2:50PM: PANEL: Making History Come Alive for Teen Readers

Historical Fiction written for a teen audience has gone from one of the most elusive genres to a major presence on store shelves. This panel features authors and their tips, advice, and tactics for making history appeal to a millennial audience!

With Jon Messenger, Sherry Ficklin, R. F. Kuang, Naomi Novik, Alan Smale

Location: Room 406/407

4:30PM-5:20PM: PANEL: Best Supporting Sidekick: Supporting Characters in Science Fiction & Fantasy

What are some of your favorite sidekick characters and how do they work so well within this story genre? What is the role of a sidekick? How do you write a sidekick character that works to support your main character, while giving them their satisfying own story arc within the overarching story narrative? Find out in this engaging panel.

With Peter V. Brett, Amalie Howard, Kazu Kibuishi, Sylvain Neuvel, Naomi Novik, Tamora Pierce, Alan Smale

Location: Room 402/403


Saturday, June 16

11:30AM-12:25PM: SIGNING
Location: Author Signing Booth 3

2:00PM-2:50PM: PANEL: When Can I Call Myself a Writer? How to Stop Feeling Like an Imposter

Whether we realize it or not, we all struggle with Imposter’s Syndrome. Our inner voice tells us we’re not good enough, worthy, or legit. In this panel, authors will discuss their personal struggles with this, share how they worked/are working through it, and provide advice for audience members on how to tackle their own self-doubt.

With Robert Jackson Bennett, Katherine Arden, Scott Bergstrom, Liv Hadden, Alan Smale, K.B. Wagers

Location: Keystone City Room – Mile High Ballroom DCCP4

3:00PM-3:50PM: PANEL: Alternate Futures

Creators love to toy with the past for time travel, alternate realities and secret histories stories. SFF also tells many stories of the future, mining the past for clues to what will happen in cultures years from now. The panelists will discuss the “rules” and when we get to break them, and the research they do to create a believable world of the future.

With LJ Hachmeister, Travis Heerman, Emily Devenport, Betsy Dornbusch, Christie Golden, Naomi Novik, Alan Smale, Connie Willis

Location: Room 406/407


Sunday, June 17

2:30PM-3:20PM: PANEL: Leave Your Party at Home – Political Intrigue in Fiction

Political Intrigue is a fundamental plot device that moves a story forward and keeps readers engaged. Panelists will discuss the fine line authorswalk in fiction to benefit the storyline versus preaching personal agendas.

With Liv Hadden, Sylvain Neuvel, Corinne O’Flynn, David Pedreira, C.R. Richards, Alan Smale

Location: Room 402/403

3:30PM-4:25PM: SIGNING
Location: Author Signing Booth 1

4:30PM-5:20PM: PANEL: The Many Faces of Fantasy

The fantasy genre has exploded into several different subgenres. Epic, Dark, Urban, Steampunk – the list goes on. Can a book cross over into more than one sub-genre or should it stay in its swimlane?

With Katherine Arden, Scott Bergstrom, Liv Hadden, Tricia Levenseller, Naomi Novik, C.R. Richards, Alan Smale, Wendy Terrien

Location: Room 402/403

So there it is. Come and say hi!

Denver Comic Con Headshot



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